The virtual galleries

Each gallery consists of five rooms in which you can interactively rotate in all directions (360 degrees). The different rooms can be entered via the flashing icons. The galleries are thematically populated with images. Thus there are the themes: Nature, Landscape, Places, City, Artwork and Stones.

The galleries Artwork (ZEN) and Stones (Stone) are password protected. You are welcome to contact me and I will send you the access.

Of course, the galleries work best on a large monitor in full-screen mode with sound. For tablets and smartphones, smaller versions are stored in a lower resolution. These, of course, do not have the detail as the large version.

A description of the icons for operation can be found below in the graphic.

Dao – Nature

Nature pictures in which the DAO can be felt. Just sit down, listen and see.

QiGong – Landscape

Landscape pictures of places and places where you forget the time.

TaiChi – Gardens and places

Gardens and places that have adapted to the landscape. Places to breathe.

Palma de Mallorca

Even in the city you can find places and places where you can feel the foot of the Dao.

Zen – Artwork

The gallery of my painted pictures is not public. But you are welcome to contact me and I will send you the access.


Sculptures made of soapstone. Also for this gallery you need an access. Sign up.